Blanket Creek Tree Farm in Utopia, Texas 78884

Pricing at our Texas Tree Nursery

Our Texas Tree NurseryOur Texas Tree Nursery grows the majority of our trees in 45 gallon containers. All species except Big Tooth Maple** sell for the following prices:

  1. 45 gallon one to nine trees: $295 each
  2. 45 gallon ten to nineteen trees: $275 each
  3. 45 gallon twenty or more trees: $255 each

**45 gallon Big Tooth Maple, regardless of quantity, sell for $450 each.

In addition, we grow a limited quantity of 95 gallon container grown trees which sell for $525 each and are generally 4+ inches in caliper and over 15' in height.


The local Texas tree nursery tax rate of .0825 will be charged on all orders unless trees are sold for resale or buyer is tax exempt.

Delivery Fees from our Texas Tree Nursery

For deliveries, the delivery fee will depend on mileage and size of trailer: the small trailer can hold up to 24 - 45 gallon trees and the large trailer can hold up to 54. Generally, cost will be about $4.00-$4.50 per loaded mile from Utopia, so trees shipped in the small trailer to San Antonio would cost $450 per load. Please contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.


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