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Tree Planting - Step 1: Digging Hole & Soil Preparation

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1) Digging Hole and Soil Preparation

The hole for your 45 gallon trees should be about 3' or more wide and 20" deep. Unless you simply do not have any soil, you should always plant your tree with the same soil that comes from the hole. Using the native soil will allow the tree to adjust to this soil throughout its growth cycle. Soil mixed with rocks will do well as it should drain well and in most cases has plenty of organic material. If your soil has a lot of clay, fill the hole with water and make sure that it drains empty overnight. If the soil is solid clay and will not drain, the roots and tree will die in very wet periods.

For digging the hole, a shovel and or pick should allow you to dig a sufficient hole without too much effort. For large numbers of trees, a backhoe is preferred, or if the soil is not too hard, a tractor or skid steer front bucket will do well.

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