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Montezuma Cypress at our Texas Tree Farm

Montezuma Cypress at Texas Tree Farm The Montezuma Cypress (Taxodium Mucronatum) is an excellent ornamental that is drought tolerant but can also grow on the edge of lakes and streams. It can grow to a huge size; in fact one specimen in Mexico is considered to have the largest trunk of any tree in the world (over 50' in circumference. and over 140' tall). Big! It is deciduous, or partly so (loses most of its leaves) or the trees will have a brown look... but in spring new light green needles/leaves grow back.

This plant has been known to grow from Mexico to New Mexico and takes full sun. The differences between the Montezuma Bald Cypress and the native Texas Bald Cypress is that the Montezuma has slightly shorter needles and is more evergreen, turning brown later in the fall. The cones are a bit larger and the male flower racimes are longer but the biggest difference is that the Montezuma Bald Cypress does not form the knees like the native Texas Bald Cypress does. Montezuma Cypress, like the Texas Bald Cypress is fast growing.

Our tree farm specializes in offering grown trees in 45 gallon containers.

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