Blanket Creek Tree Farm in Utopia, Texas 78884

About Blanket Creek Tree Farm in Utopia, Texas

Cedar Elm at our Texas Tree FarmBlanket Creek Tree Farm is unique among Texas Tree Farms as part of a working Hill Country Ranch. Owner Steve Dutton started the tree farm in 1999 on the property known as Christmas Tree Ranch. The Ranch is named for the Christmas Family that settled there in 1904, however; the Tree Farm is named Blanket Creek Tree Farm since we don't grow Christmas Trees! The beautiful limestone bottomed Blanket Creek runs through the Ranch located 8 miles west of Utopia Texas. Once you see it, you will agree that this part of the Hill Country is truly Utopia.

For many years the Tree Farm has been expertly managed by Shan and Nancy Jones. The Jones grew up on their old family ranch adjacent to the Tree Farm and have a long history as one of the respected families in the area. Since 2003, Shan has been on site daily and has implemented several improvements that show in our quality trees. Notably, he has designed our sophisticated watering system that give us the ability to carefully monitor water usage and to inject fertilizer or any other elements needed for the trees.

Please feel free to call Shan on his cell at 830-486-6791 to set up an appointment to come see our trees.